National Disaster Recovery Coordination Secretariat

So, story of my life right now seems to be starting blog posts apologising for not having written for a while and that I’m therefore now going to jump to current news and fill in the missing gaps as and when I get the chance. Guess what? Same same.

Today is the first weekend in February – in my last post I was amazed that it was December already and yet it’s now already skipped to February. My lack of communication stems from a combination of being extremely busy, good busy but busy all the same, and not seeming to be able to sleep long enough, ever, so struggling to find enough spare brain capacity of an evening or weekend to articulate the goings on – let’s see how I go today…

So what’s been happening to make me so busy? Well the big news is that in mid January, after several months of discussions, consultations and preparation VSO Nepal secured funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to initiate a National Disaster Recovery Coordination Secretariat (NDRCS) on behalf of the Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN). The aim of the Secretariat is support the Government of Nepal to bring synergy, coherence and standardisation to the coordination effort and information management systems for the post-earthquake recovery phase, across all thematic sectors, through the District Lead Support Agencies (DLSAs) in the 14 most affected districts.

I’ve been supporting the process of writing and submitting the project proposal from the very beginning and from the moment we got project approval I switched roles to become Project Coordinator for the new NDRCS. Transitioning out of being the DLSA Coordinator in Sindhupalchok and handing it over to two newly appointed, very capable national staff in Save the Children is in progress. The only step still remaining is for me to make sure I visit back to Chautara and say a proper thanks and take a proper leave from the amazing people still working hard there to support owner driven recovery and reconstruction. Otherwise, I am now back based in Kathmandu, working alongside fellow VSO volunteer Kerstin who has joined the project, in meeting national level stakeholders, recruiting the rest of the team and fleshing out the details of how best to proceed.

I think that will have do as an update for now. As promised at the beginning I will fill in the missing weeks in more detail (& many more photos) as soon as I can. In the meantime however, I thought I would try something new this month and have put together a short video montage of the last 6 or so weeks. Forgive the amateur delivery but I am after an amateur and a novice to boot so constructive feedback welcome and maybe this could be the start of something… “VSO volunteer snapshot. Nepal winter 2015-6”


Finally, if you’re curious to find out more;

  • To see the project from a different perspective, VSO volunteer Kerstin writes about here first month in Nepal and joining the NDRCS project here
  • VSO International update here on all the post earthquake activities
  • Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I’m slightly (?) more regular at updating what’s going on day to day (links at the bottom of the blog or search for jessicainnepal)


  1. Pat Anderson

    Hi Jessica I’ve been following you blog since I heard you on the radio after the earthquake but I just wanted to let you know how much this film captures the atmosphere and spirit of volunteering in Nepal. Thank you. Yesterday I received the latest VSO magazine with articles about you and the VSO programme post-earthquake. Best wishes for your future role. Pat Anderson (VSO NEPAL 2005-07 I know Clare)

  2. Bruno

    Love it, and great video, keep it up!

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  4. Carole

    Good work Jess, take care x

  5. TSP gmail

    I’m very moved by your story and impressed by your stamina. When the press forgets the story it’s good to hear it refreshed and to stop an remember a while. Keep it up. With you in spirit.

    Kind regards Trevor Trevor Sculthorpe-Pike

  6. Jan

    Enjoyed the you tube video Jess, what spectacular views, an amazing landscape!

  7. Congrats on new post. Good luck. Loved the Ytube video, very interesting way of doing it.Take careMandy and Chris xxx

    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 10:20:16 +0000 To:

  8. Hello Jessica, great blog! I’m a previous VSO Volunteer (Secure Livelihoods- Mongolia) so I can empathise with many of your challenges!!
    I am heading out to Nepal next weekend for a 3 week research project looking at the re-purposing of materials post-earthquake. My background is in textile design and I am involved in practice-based research. It would be great to meet you and Kerstin Rieger and hear more in light of VSO’s new coordinating role.
    I have been wanting to visit Nepal for many years, so I am very excited. I’m so glad VSO is out there to help it through these challenging times. Hopefully see you soon.
    Warm regards, Zoë

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