My Tihar ‘staycation’

In the blink of an eye almost another month has flown by since my last post and as ever it’s been action packed. There are therefore a whole backlog of posts I owe you all but I’ve decided to post them progressing backwards in time for a change. This should allow me to first of all paint a picture of where I am writing from right now…

#1 Today is November 12th so here in Nepal we’re in the middle of the Tihar festival of lights. As things have been as busy as ever I’ve decided to have a quiet one for this festival (catching up on my blog posts amongst other things) and agreed to help a couple of friends out by housesitting. So, a peaceful kind of ‘staycation’ in southern Kathmandu for me though it’s far from a hardship;

09 house

#2 As it’s now mid-November, although still glorious and warm in the sunshine during the day, the evenings are slowly getting distinctly chillier. When working in Sindhupalchok I’m lucky to have a winterised tent (i.e. it’s a bit thicker, my resident mouse seems to approve) and an extra blanket. However many people living in temporary shelters are not so lucky, more on that in the next post. For my Tihar staycation, I’m absolutely loving the sumptuous warmth of a real fire and making the most of it. I’m curled up next to this beast right now as I type. I may have to stay the whole winter;

11 fire

#3 But most importantly the main reason for my housesitting is actually dogsitting for the adorable Heidi. My arrival was timed perfectly – I arrived on the day of kukur (dog) tika which is the second day of the Tihar festival, the day for venerating dogs;

10 dog tika

#4 The third day of Tihar is Laxmi Puja (which I wrote about here last year) so I did my own small version for the house to ensure the goddess of wealth doesn’t skip my friends this year just because they’re on holiday;

12 laxmi puja

#5 AMBUSH!! This was my adorable wake up call this morning. Quite simply impossible to resist;

13 ambush

#6 So clearly time to get up and explore the neighbourhood, check out the art works done in front of each house for Laxmi Puja, well and truly tire Heidi out (I’m listening to her snore away in the background at the moment) and clear my head ready for blog writing. More posts to follow…

14 laxmi puja 2



  1. Pam Hemmings

    How wonderful! Thank you Jessica for sharing your Tihar! Blessings to you to and the gorgeous dog.

  2. Emily Collis

    Love the colourful designs! (Oh, and the gorgeous dog!!). Xx

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