Trail run entertainment in Thulosirubari

On June 27th I got the chance to travel a short way out of Chautara to join the “Sindhupalchok International Trail Race” centred on Thulosirbari. By join of course I mean support, heartily, from the sidelines, without actually doing any running;

#1 Here I’m pictured at the starting line with new colleagues from the world of humanitarian relief workers – Information Management demons relaxing (?) for the day by running some 18km (the short version!?) or 32km with an altitude loss and gain of almost 1km each way. Even the Minister of Youth & Sports for Nepal turned up to get things started and join the 1km version of the race;

01 race

#2 The reason for this race? First of all the continued promotion of trail running as a sport by the Trail Running Nepal team. Second, to provide entertainment to a rural community badly affected by the earthquake and leave behind substantial support for the restarting of education in the area including 6 ‘school in a box’ kits for 6 schools in different VDCs as well as notebooks & pens etc. for the children and more besides all crowd funded by the amazing Jo & Jimi duo LINK. The backdrop; the ruins of just one of the 540+ public schools heavily damaged in Sindhupalchok alone;

03 reasons

#3 Only a slight delay to allow for a speech from the Sports Minister and everyone’s getting ready at the starting line. Local children were encouraged to participate in the 1km race. Holding the start ribbon is Ramji who’s tireless efforts made the whole event possible. The ladies of the village were also racing and supporting – when I chatted to some later on in the day they said they were having ‘the best day’. Mission accomplished;

02 ready

#4 The village band were putting on a great show adding to the festive atmosphere, specially equipped with new instruments donated along with the school equipment after the originals were lost in the earthquake. With that, the elite runners set off for their gruelling ordeal, I mean race;

04 prep

#5 And shortly afterwards, the 1km race kicks off with nothing short of an eager scrum;

05 start

#6 Whilst the runners took their time heading around the ambitious circuit (the final 32km was only supposed to be 29km…) I took the opportunity of a lull in the festivities to go for a wander through the nearby countryside. I found a peaceful spot and thoroughly enjoyed the view of endless crops, clouds and hills dotted with homes being rebuilt;


#7 My peace and quiet didn’t last long though. I was soon discovered by these fabulous local girls who decided I was a new part of their gang. So touching as they leapt and danced ahead of me through the woods full of life though simultaneously asking if I had any spare clothes in my house because they only had left the clothes they were wearing. They signalled the start of a full afternoon of being the source of entertainment for the children from far and wide – glad I had grabbed my few moments of quiet while I did!?;

07 yipee

#8 And so the rest of the afternoon progressed with us absolutely centre stage. Here Jonathan foolishly thought he could get away with surreptitiously packing up his things in a see-through inner tent. Error;

09 tent 2

#9 and then it was my turn;

08 tent

#10 After an amazing day, chatting for hours and hours in Nepali with just about every child for miles around and a few of the ladies and thoroughly enjoying being a part of putting smiles on their faces, finally, on the way home I just couldn’t resist this shot for being classic Nepal; these ladies know how to travel!?;

10 chickens


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