The vital signs of recovery

#1 Though with every turn there are still many signs of devastation;


#2 The Early Recovery cluster team are doing sterling work in demolishing damaged buildings and offering cash for work for debris removal. As a result, order is starting to be brought to the chaos;


#3 Order out of chaos means a feast for my obsession with beautiful patterns. In salvaged bricks;


#4 Salvaged wood;


#5 Salvaged stone;


#6 The car which featured in my earlier post has now been retrieved from the rubble and awaits further removal. Slowly but surely, with ratified guidelines from the Government also now complete, safe demolition of buildings like the one seen here can now also commence before they are made more unstable by the upcoming monsoon rains. It’s hard to be convinced you are safe when the aftershocks still rumble on (though thankfully less and less frequently and intensely) and buildings stand at such precarious angles. Especially for those who lived through the full trauma of the original earthquake in these surroundings;


#7 Transitional shelters are going up and being improved upon. Schools are open functioning through temporary learning spaces (TLCs) along with additional training for teachers and mechanisms in place for psychosocial first aid and support for children. Slowly but surely, the vital signs of recovery can be seen and the Nepali people continue to amaze me with their resilience and fortitude;




  1. Pam Hemmings

    Namaste and thank you Jessica. It is good to see your photos and read your words. As an ex VSO who worked in Nepal ( in Tehrathum then Kathmandu) in the 80s it has been difficult not to be back there helping the people to rebuild their lives. So, thank you for all of your hard work.
    To raise funds I have been running a pop-up ‘tea shop’ (in my kitchen) and feeding friends daalbhat and showing my slides. They have given generously and really enjoyed the evening (we’ve had six so far) and the funds have been donated after each event to DEC so, although I can’t jump on a plane and get out there, I have been able to support from a distance.
    Keep up the good work.
    Very best wishes,
    Pam 🙂

    • Hello Pam – sounds like you’re doing a great job. I can totally understand your affinity with Nepal even decades on. So much needs to be done & rebuilt here in the affected areas though that every penny/cent/groszy counts so keep it up! Thanks, Jessica

  2. spike888

    Maybe you were meant to be there when this happened? Sounds a bit fatuous but I believe in fate.

    Great work, Jessica. I’m proud of you.

    Best regards


    Trevor Sculthorpe-Pike


  3. Bruno

    Thanks Jess for your continued updates (even though you’re not always figuring in them ;)!

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