Nepal Earthquake – lending a hand (part 2)

Due to a squeeze on time (in half an hour I’m leaving Kathmandu do take up a new placement – details to follow!) the next few posts may be more of a photo album than posts but it will hopefully continue to show what I’ve been up to;

#1 On day #9 we ran a kick off meeting at Yellow House bringing people together who wanted to start looking at long term rebuilding plans & techniques. The end result was an on-line community of over 40 architects, engineers, experienced builders and willing volunteers able to share information on pilot projects as well as established techniques etc.;

1 first meeting

#2 On day #10 I joined Narayan of Rammed Earth Solutions and a team of volunteers to work on an earth bag house demonstration site in Gol Dhunga a village close to Kathmandu where many houses were destroyed. This will be a transition shelter for 2-3 families and can later also be a community space;

2 IMGP6093 (2)

#3 At first only a few volunteers got stuck in and started mining the earth required;

3 IMGP6100 (2)

#4 But soon half the village was helping including so many enthusiastic children – excited to have something important and meaningful to do – their laughter made the whole thing a lot more pleasurable!

4 IMGP6106 (2)

#5 Filled bags ready to go to the site (in the middle distance). More details of how the build turned out are available here;

5 IMGP6117 (2)

#6 Later in the week Naomi and Narayan from Rammed Earth Solutions also invited anyone from our online community of architects, engineers and interested people to view their rammed earth house and be introduced to the techniques and methods used;

6 20150509_125823 (2)

#7 The rammed earth, eco home – standing proud after the earthquake and aftershocks;

7 IMGP3663 (2)

And now I’m out of time so the rest of what I’ve been up to will have to wait a little while longer!



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