Aid mission to Dhading – wave 1 update & wave 2…

Dhading mission update; wave 1:

We have spoken to our team who travelled for 3 days to reach the final destination including 2 days walking up steeply over landslides etc. to reach Ree VDC in rural Dhading, specifically Ward No. 7, Tajimrang Village. They are now descending back down and we hope to have a full debrief in Kathmandu tomorrow (Thursday). After which we can share details and pictures of their efforts. But already, despite limited communications they have been able to pass on vital GPS coordinates and details of the situation on the ground. All of which we have passed directly onto contacts at United Mission Nepal – the main NGO responsible for organising relief support to this area.

Our team have seen firsthand widespread devastation of homes, displacement of hundreds of local people into makeshift villages without proper cover, medical support or food with an example of a water source now half an hour’s walk away over a landslide. At least our medical supplies, tarps & food – carried by wonderful local porters – have made it through and the information gathered has been passed back to the organisations who are right now gearing up to provide relief via helicopter on a scale we cannot even begin to prepare. Good luck to them!

Wave 2 commences:

With the information gathered from our team on the ground, and speaking to United Mission Nepal on Monday afternoon, we realised that it would be a few more days before large scale relief could reach these areas. As a result we decided to quickly pulled together a wave 2. Special thanks to Frank of who through his connections arranged an Israeli military helicopter to support in airlifting out badly injured people who were still in Sattyadevi, a second village with Dhading, a few hours walk from Ree, to whom we had also sent supplies to in wave 1.

Our team in Kathmandu quickly arranged a substantial amount of food & supplies – rice, daal, powdered milk, sanitary pads and rehydration & diarrhoea medicine for adults & children etc – which were delivered to the BIR military hospital Monday night. The last information I have from Frank is that he personally accompanied the helicopter on multiple flights into the affected areas yesterday (Tuesday) and delivered our support as well as more donated by larger organisations. Pictures hopefully to follow…


A huge thank you again to our brave team out in the field – we will be spoiling them rotten upon their return to KTM. Thanks to Frank for creating connections and arranging a helicopter at short notice. Thanks to everyone who donated to the funds used to buy supplies and arrange these two waves of support. Thanks to the team in KTM who have tried to coordinate and manage something we would probably have thought of as impossible for the ‪#‎nepalearthquake‬ Now we are moving our focus to efforts to ‪#‎rebuildnepal‬ as the Nepal army and large NGOs kick into action on the relief front. We will update with pictures when we have them. Thank you!

Photo #1: Supplies for wave 2 on their way to the army base (taxi number one of 2, highly laden!);IMGP6122Photoe

Photo #2: Supplies piled & and ready to go at the army base;IMGP6125

Hopefully more photos of the whole mission to follow soon…


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