Holi Holi Holi!

Yup, time for another festival… March 5th was the date for Holi in Kathmandu; Holi “is a spring festival, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love” and a festival of colours indeed it is! Here’s my guide to recreating a fabulous first time experience like mine;

#1 Be prepared (braced & ready), your entire body will become a work of art;

IMGP4849 (2)

#2 Your particular hue of colour will vary throughout the day (note the red face was minutes into the bus ride from my house, some local lads decided I needed to be initiated into Nepali culture, right there and then in the bus…);

me at holi

#3 Make sure you have excellent partners in crime (preferably seasoned locals);

partners in crime

#4 Don’t be afraid to make friends with complete strangers and take lots of selfies/group shots – that’s what the locals are doing anyway!?

IMGP4844 (2)

#5 Vanity is still allowed, even through the colour whilst looking akin to a walking zombie extra from the latest blockbuster film;

IMGP4887 (2)

#6 Mix in a group of friends, as many colours as you can get your hands on – shared liberally, water hoses and just a dash of beer;


#7 And your Holi experience is complete! Enjoy!

IMGP4875 (2)


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