Mini trek with mini people

Following on from the public holiday of Shivaratri I was able to string together a series of further public holidays, days off in lieu and weekend to achieve a blissful 5 days off in a row. So how better to spend it than escaping, after the experiencing the Shivaratri crowds, with another peaceful mini trek around the valley. Or maybe not that peaceful after all…

#1 Lovely to be back treading the sunken byways leading up to the Borlang Bhanjyang (2472m high pass) over to Chisapani again;

IMGP4585 (2)

#2 Although the first day saw us walking in rain with heavy thunderstorms carrying on throughout the night, the landscape on day two, en route from Chisapani to Nagarkot, was still spectacular and looked rather good under a moody sky;

IMGP4610 (2)

#3 On day three, the route we took was entirely new for me from Nagarkot down to yet another world heritage site in the Kathmandu valley the temple of Changu Narayan (absolutely stunning place, more on that in the next post). We strolled through fresh green paddies of wheat and lovely, hidden away villages as we slowly descended from the heights of Nagarkot;

IMGP4677 (2)

#4 As mentioned though, this trek was perhaps not as peaceful as previous trekking experiences. The main reason? The very different, energetic company! My days off had happily coincided with the half term break of my Godavari based ‘surrogate family’ so I decided to join them on their mini trek, and they brought their friends… The end result; a trekking group of six adults and ten children aged 6-11 with three astoundingly saintly local contacts of the families to act as porters and carry supplies and sleeping equipment for the ‘flock’. Quite a different atmosphere and noise level than my previous trip back in October last year to say the least!? Here some of the flock are helping to make sure no one gets lost (again!?) along the way;

IMGP4625 (3)

#5 Had a great time walking along, listening to endless, creative stories that come from the vivid imagination of a seven year old girl (thank you Emily) and enjoying the beautiful Nepali scenery and sights;


#6 Spring was definitely in the air as farm after farm along the path had baby goats on display. Some as new to the world as born the very same morning, some old enough to have discovered the delights of mum’s milk;

IMGP4639 (2)

#7 The trip was also great for being re-introduced to old classics such as backgammon and some new child friendly card games to add to my repertoire to pass the time in the evenings. Though, with a somewhat similar feel to apres-ski, we were straight off the mountain, a cold beer and some daal bhaat then it’s time for bed – as early as 8:30pm some nights (but I certainly needed the sleep)? A lovely few days, but I was also quite relieved to make it back to my quiet, child free home for a bit of a rest!?

20150219_202729 (3)


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