February; launch event, rubbish & recycling

Thought it might be a good time to show some more evidence of me actually working here in Nepal;

#1 February 3rd saw our major launch event; with an audience of around 110 representatives including senior officials from the Government of Nepal, potential developers of large biogas plants, academics, international guests from the World Bank and many other biogas stakeholders from Nepal, my team from AEPC officially launched the AEPC/NRREP Program for Large Scale Commercial and Municipal Biogas Plants. Its official, its public, and we are on!


#2 We even made it into the national press;


#3 Then back to the day job; last week I joined some of my team on a visit to Kathmandu University based in Dhulikhel. We were there to review the planned renewal/revival of 3 biogas plants existing, but not currently functioning, on their campus. Working together with the opportunity of a ‘Building Stronger Universities’ project supported by Danida. We also reviewed the space age looking filtering &bottling equipment which was installed on the campus a few years ago with the biogas plants as part of a combined project funded from Korea. Something about the large, grey gas canisters with Korean writing on them did make me feel like I was suddenly in a Bond film…


#4 On the way back to the office we stopped off at a waste water treatment site for around 80 households in Madhyapur Thimi, another municipality in the valley. The site is also not currently functioning but there are plans for another revival. A series of buffer tanks and reed beds are there to handle and treat the waste water before safely releasing it, with a biogas plant on the side for good measure and to serve gas back to the 80 households. A review of the plant and many discussions about velocity, density & handling of waste water for optimising as biogas feed – and those of you who know me thought my previous world of valves was rock & roll?


#5 Just to complete this post, I feel it’s time to gather together some of the photos I have been collecting of the general rubbish dumping prevalent in Nepal. A problem being exacerbated by increased urban populations, heavy use of non-recyclable plastics and a lack of established systems for segregation, collection and disposal. There are now many efforts being made to improve the situation and I am just pleased to be able to contribute in helping clean up and preserve this beautiful country;

rubbish 2

#6 Continuing on a theme I know, but the previous pictures I have spotted when out and about in the valley, these however are all from very close to my home –my very own local dumping spots. These photos also allow me to tie subjects together; at one large street corner where rubbish is collected I am never sure what ‘wildlife’ I will encounter on my way home. As the street dogs of the city essentially run as one large pack, they are all in heat at a similar time. What does this mean? It means right now spring has arrived and along with it a flood of heartbreakingly adorable puppies at every turn. Here three siblings (I assume) are making the most of the feast. The next day they had been replaced by a wandering cow. I’ve even spotted rubbish in the trees…


#7 Finally, I’ve been entertaining myself with a little bit of craft & recycling combined;



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