2014 in the life of me (part 2)

A summary in pictures (and just a few words) of the year that was 2014, in the life of me (part 2);

#11 As this part covers my time since moving to Nepal in July this year, more details can be found in my previous posts. Here are just a few summarised highlights including settling in to my new job, new industry, new home and new language;

11 settling in

#12 Taking in the sights, creatures, customs and scenery of Nepal;

12 sights

#13 The rich culture of festivals, celebrations and worship;

13 pujaa

#14 Getting the chance to stay in the charming village of Pharsidol and then maintain my friendship with Suku and family to learn and experience more about rural life in Nepal;

14 pharsidol

#15 So pleased to have made so many new friends here in Nepal who have been able to join me on my adventures as well as get me through the trials – thanks for being there for me and long may it last in 2015! Friends and family keeping in touch from back home by all forms of technology (as well as good old snail mail, hint hint) also helps to make the distances feel smaller;

15 friends near and far

#16 Nepal is such a beautiful country of which these shots give a mere impression. And I am so lucky as there is a lot more where that came from for me to explore in 2015;


#17 So in summary, 2014 was another fantastic year which saw me launched on a new life adventure, though with the added bonus of having had more time than planned to enjoy the company of family & friends and treats of the UK. All in all, I’ve had the privilege to take a moment to pause for thought in some beautiful locations this year;

17 feet up

#18 So, Greetings from the ‘Angel of the North’, and let’s see what 2015 brings!

18 angels


One comment

  1. Emily

    You make me feel tired Jess!! Particularly like the ‘pause for thought’ pics.
    Here’s to even more in 2015. Xx

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