Harvest time (part 1)

Early November saw me heading back to Pharsidol to offer a helping hand with the rice harvest.

#1 First, the lovely view out over Pharsidol with early morning mist forming over the Bagmati river in the near distance. Such a wonderful respite from the city, a few kilometres and another world away;

20141109_072314 (2)

#2 This time of year there are fruits and flowers galore. Here a few drops of dew surviving temporarily on the balcony as the temperature in the sunshine starts to noticeably build despite it now being autumn;

20141109_085932 (2)

#3 So why head back to Pharsidol? Well of course first and foremost to catch up with some old friends. Here my attempt to help my hostess Sukuji with cooking the breakfast dhedo;


#4 Yum! Best eaten by hand, directly sitting on the earth floor closeby to the heat of the oven;

20141109_093906 (3)

#5 Catching up with old friends on two legs and four;

20141109_090107 (2)

#6 From my recent travels around the valley, signs of the rice harvest were clear at every turn;


#7 When visiting Bhaktapur briefly during Tihar, we saw the local ladies working hard drying out their freshly harvested rice in one of the town’s public squares;


So it was high time to pay back some of the wonderful hosting from my village stay in Pharsidol by lending a hand with the rice harvest – details in part 2.



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