Settling into my new home

As I wrote in an earlier post, one of the reasons for my lack of posts early on in November was due to my moving house. As I started working full time at the AEPC office to the south of Lalitpur which is in itself to the south of Kathmandu it was time to set up a permanent home with a nice both a nice neighbourhood and a nice commute;

#1 My apartment is the middle pink level shown here and I am happily now calling it home. The apartment even comes complete with nearby bus park with great connections for around the city and wider valley, a large fruit and vegetable market and most importantly it’s own teeny, tiny gecko;


#2 In a busy, noisy, dusty city like Kathmandu one of the best things about my new home is the view. My landlady is an avid gardener and grows amazing flowers as well as vegetables right outside my window;

IMGP3682 (2)

#3 Luckily I was able to inherit a complete set of furniture from VSO and former volunteers Chris, Mandy and especially Victor – guys, you’re donations are very much appreciated! I think I’ve identified the chair my Mum will claim when she comes to visit; A view of the garden and south facing makes this an essential sunny spot as the winter months start to draw in with no real heating to speak of;

2014-11-09 16.22.06 (2)

#4 Though the evenings are drawing in – it’s now dark by 5:30pm – the real cold months are yet to hit. However, with it now being what I will admit is a ‘touch chilly’ in the early mornings/ late evenings I’ve been able to start enjoying my new sock collection (thanks Imogen) and keep my new neighbours amused with my laundry;


#5 As my apartment used to be an office rather than someone’s home we had to create a new kitchen/dining area. Now it’s a great spot to enjoy the view and the sunset – anyone up for dinner?

2014-11-09 16.22.20 (2)

#6 Award winningly low carbon footprint – from garden (back of shot) to table (front of shot) courtesy of my landlady. I just had to ask my colleagues what the small green ones were – I am now informed they are Chayote Squash and can confirm they were very tasty fried up like chips!

2014-11-11 16.43.48 (2)


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  1. Linda

    I wanna come over for dinner 🙂

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