Around Tusal

During the Tihar festival, the day after the evening of Lakshmi Puja I spent a lovely day hiking around the valley and hills around Tusal with my host. And owing to popular demand I’ve attempted to get a few more of the local characters into this post…

#1 The houses spread out up the hills (note these do not even register in the Nepali definition of real hills, everything is compared to the Himalaya after all!?) and in the foreground you can see a local lady working hard on her rice harvest (more on the harvest in an upcoming post…);

IMGP3394 (2)

#2 Gambling is generally not allowed but during the big festivals of Dashain and Tihar a few of the rules are relaxed. Here the local men are enjoying a game seen across the country involving large dice currently hidden under the bucket – feeling lucky?

IMGP3395 (2)

#3 Where as the older boys were taking it easy at the local shop/bar/gathering point;

IMGP3397 (2)

#4 Beautiful scenery and easy to see the extent of the rural agriculture – every inch of land is either farmed or dedicated to forest;

IMGP3398 (2)

#5 I love the patterns here of young potatoes plants, showing the care and dedication given to each hand tended field;

IMGP3404 (2)

#6 My host and I at the highest point of the pass looking out over the distant peaks of a few Himalaya showing above the clouds;

IMGP3438 (2)

#7 Here is a local lady in front of her house next to our path back down from the pass.

IMGP3469 (2)

#8 We didn’t manage to walk very far at any one time without being invited in for chiyaa (Nepali tea) or for some special Tihar food. This lovely couple invited us in for a cup of chiyaa and insisted I took their photos as I left. Behind the lady you can see a large stack of maize drying. These are a common sight and the maize is then often ground into flour;

chiyaa stop

#9 And of course a few of the non-human characters from around the village – a cheeky young goat, sneaking past the defences to eat beans drying in the sunshine; a young calf with her cow tika and my good old friend the Coffee Locust;



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