Learning the Devanagari Script

First of all apologies for the lack of recent posts; the past few weeks have been action packed but also temporarily internet free hence the lack of communication. I will attempt to catch you up on everything in an imminent series of posts. Rest assured, I have been keeping myself busy for example;

#1 Starting work full time after the Dashain break I moved my language classes to early morning and commenced starting to try and learn the Nepali language on another level – i.e. in the original Devanagari script;

2014-10-18 11.30.49 (2)

#2 Mixing in a bit of biology through learning how to manipulate my “Organs of Articulation” no less and attempting to clearly pronunciate and differentiate between aspirated and non-aspirated or dental and retroflex sounds;

2014-10-18 11.31.27 (2)

#3 The devanagari script consists of some 36 consonant characters, 10 vowel sounds and at least 20 conjuncts (combined characters) – each a unique piece of artwork to be mastered in it’s own right;

2014-10-18 11.32.06 (2)

#4 Then of course there’s the matrix effect where each of the 36 consonants can be combined with each of the 10 vowels to create a distinct syllable Here are simply my attempts to master kai, ko, kau etc…

2014-10-18 11.34.57 (2)

#5 And the point of all of this? To read Harry Potter in language number 5 of course?!?! I have book one now in devanagari and here’s a quick shot of page 1 – wish me luck!




  1. Was just thinking about you this morning and thinking we hadn’t heard anything for a while! Looking good. How many pages have you read so far?? I assume you are all moved in and that has meant no internet? Well we are home, Chris is back at work and I am writing job applications! The house is pretty much straight. It feels strange to be back and I still feeling a bit disconnected from things. I keep thinking surely you know I haven’t been here for a year and why should I know that! Was In Sainsburys and had most of the trolley unloaded before the child on the till said it’s basket only!!! Had to pack it all in the trolley and move – felt like a right idiot! Chris is finding it a bit hard to get back into work – full on work and the commuting are taking their toll. Yesterday for a 17 mile journey it took almost 2 hours to get home! The bus to Dhading seems a doddle compared to that. But it is lovely to be here with friends and family, all mod cons, running water etc. Hope things are going well for you. Take care and do keep in touch much love Mandy and Chris xxx Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 09:58:24 +0000 To: meadows_warwick@hotmail.com

  2. Hey thanks Mandy! I am finally getting up to date on everything so you can now see my new place in my latest post – if you ever find yourselves back in KTM you would be more than welcome! Keep enjoying the lasagne and cheese on toast, though you know it’s plain cruel to keep posting about those!? J

  3. Hey Jessica, I would have never imagined you would be learning Devanagri. By now, even I have forgotten how to write in Hindi, but respect for you that you are trying.


  4. Rianna

    Hi Jessica,
    I love following your blog.. after falling in love myself with the country, can’t describe how great it is to read all your adventures.. Who knows we meet up one day in the future!
    Keep up the good work!
    And most of all.. enjoy…

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