The bright and beautiful, weird and wonderful…

This post is dedicated to all the amazing creepy crawlies I have seen on my travels so far; the bright and beautiful as well as the weird and wonderful. The birds have also been spectacular but considerably less cooperative in having their photo taken… Similar to the last post of flowers, I sadly know very little about my subjects here – please feel free to contribute if you know more than I do!

#1 To start us off, here is an example of some of the wildlife getting up close; I have been reliably informed that this amazing specimen, reminiscent of an elegant stained glass window, is in fact Campylotes Histrionicus a day flying moth (photo credit: Clare);

butterfly_hand (2)

#2, #3, #4 Moths, butterflies and caterpillars galore! Some of the butterflies are easily mistaken for not-so-small birds (though admittedly with a rather funky flying pattern for a bird!?);

moths butterflies 3


#5, #6 During day 4 of my recent Dashain mini-trek we happened to walk through one particular area of rough, open ground fairly high up (just under 2000m elevation) surrounded by potatoe terraces. Not so remarkable, until we started to notice the residents of this patch. Dozens and dozens of individual and coupled grasshoppers with the most impressive colouring – they needed to be seen to be believed! But were luckily not at all camera shy… Upon return to Kathmandu I identified them as Milkweed Grasshopper or Coffee Locust possibly Ausarches miliaris in Latin. Judging by the lack of internet information I’m guessing these are not so very common and may well be a new favourite;

IMGP3062 (2)

IMGP3047 (2)

#7, #8, #9 Continuing the gallery of less traditionally beautiful creatures – the tiny glories of Nepal;

bugs 2

bugs 4 bugs 3

#10 Last but not least; A spectacular array of spiders (luckily generally leaving us in peace) Giant worms well over 80cm long and then the guy in the middle here – answers on a postcard please!?

creepies 2


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