Dashain mini-trek – 2: Chisapani to Nagarkot via Jhule

After witnessing an amazing sunrise and eating a hearty breakfast it was time to set off on day 2 (Oct 2nd). Most other trekkers were heading on up north and onwards into the Langtang range but we turned a sharper angle back and set off along a different track through the Shivapuri National Park aiming for Jhule and ultimately Nagarkot.

#1 One of the locals in Chisapani with the Annapurna range in the background;

IMGP2873 (2)

#2 The path skirted round the eastern edge of the park affording amazing views for most of the day;

IMGP2882 (3)

#3 Within the park we saw a wide variety of habitats including some wetland areas seen here. The flora and fauna were absolutely spectacular and but more on that in a further post. On day 1 we had walked along some of the ridge seen in the background…;

IMGP2892 (2)

#4 Planning to take it easier today we cut the main hike length of 20km from Chispani to Nagarkot roughly in half and spent the afternoon/evening in the small village of Jhule. Here’s the view from our lunch stop, another chance to top up on daal bhaat, chat to some locals and enjoy the views;

IMGP2963 (2)

#5 Another tradition for Dashain is for each village to build a large swing from bamboo for the children to play on. This swing was right next to our accommodation for the night. Over those hills is a distant Kathmandu lost in the haze. In this photo one young lad is bravely putting some final touches to the swing as the other children play games at the base;

IMGP2967 (3)

#5 Here is the view the next morning (Oct 3rd) from our accommodation in the small village of Jhule. Although we got up to early to start our trek, the ladies were already working hard in the fields tending to the potatoe plants. The rooms all along the trek had only very basic amenities but with substantial trekkers breakfasts served (here; double egg omelette with fresh, home made chapati) and everywhere a feeling of being on the edge of the world there was little to complain about;

IMGP2979 (2)

#6 The third day of our trek completed the 20km section to Nagarkot. Now outside the Shivapuri National Park we followed rough jeep tracks for this section of the walk through rolling countryside. The Himalaya occasionally put in an appearance above the clouds and in the foreground were endless displays of the Nepali culture of rural agriculture;

IMGP3015 (2)

#7 Arriving into Nagarkot Carole decided three days of trekking was her limit so she jumped on the last bus back to Kathmandu and then there were two… We stayed in a cute complex of small cottages called the Sherpa Alpine Cottage in Nagarkot with this stormy but stunning view to be enjoyed over a fresh lemon soda, don’t mind if I do;

2014-10-03 16.05.52 (2)

Tasty Sherpa stew for dinner and early to bed; a long 18km section to be completed the next day with warnings that the route could be a ‘bit confusing’ at points, oh joy!?


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  1. jopauline2016

    heya! i’m in kathmandu right now! and – like you – I’ll go trekking soon! after reading your entry I’m even more excited!

    love, johannapauline

    (if you’re interested: johannapauline.com
    PS: i would love some feedback! )

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