Monsoon season and the #FillTheBucket challenge

It’s currently the monsoon season here in Nepal. Although I am told (in a so ‘they’ say way) that this year’s monsoon started late and has been relatively mild at least in Kathmandu. Here in the city throughout the month of August I have nonetheless experienced some impressive downpours and one period of 72 hours straight rain – varying from torrential to heavy drizzle and back again. Unfortunately, elsewhere in Nepal the results of the monsoon this year have been absolutely devastating;

Around August 2nd heavy rains led to a landslide that covered an entire village near Katmandu, killing over 150 people. Around August 14th severe flooding in the West of Nepal led to devastating flash floods washing away homes and infrastructure. The rains in the Surkhet region were the heaviest in 53 years and two schools involved in a ‘Sisters for Sisters’, ‘Girls Education Challenge’ VSO project were swept away by a landslide. Fortunately the two VSO volunteers based in the region, their partner organisation staff plus project facilitators and champions are all safe.

“At least 250 people have died and over 14,000 families have been displaced in Nepal after torrential monsoon rains triggered landslides and flooding, devastating entire villages and leaving thousands homeless…

Water-starved South Asian nations have devised their own answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge taking the social media world by storm, instead filling buckets with rice and other supplies for the needy.” #RiceBucketChallenge

For Nepal the challenge has become the #FillTheBucket challenge which started on August 24th aiming to send buckets with vital supplies to the victims of the recent flooding in the far Western region of Nepal. So I thought the least I could do was join in…

#1 Step one: this morning I purchased my shiny new bucket;

2014-08-27 10.12.59 (2)

#2 Step 2: This afternoon after my Nepali language classes I went shopping for the recommended supplies; water, rice, lentils (the main components of the Nepali staple meal daalbhaat) as well as other food, health & medical basics;

IMGP2015 (2) filtered

#3 Step 3: One bucket filled and delivered to the nearest drop off point;

IMGP2019 (2)

#4 Trying to give a feel of the monsoon here in the city: the view from my current front door during one of the downpours – lush but soggy;

IMGP1261 (2)

#5 Hard to capture the power of the downpours when they happen but this shot of a bucket left out to catch the rainwater for clothes washing gives some idea;

IMGP1966 (2)

#6 When the downpours come, the best approach is to find some shelter and/or hope you remembered your umbrella – or your complete motorbike rain-cover as demonstrated here in the streets of Patan;

IMGP1335 (2)


One comment

  1. Jan-Maria

    Keep safe Jess. Well done with your rice bucket donation x

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