Festival #3 Krishna Janmastami (Krishna’s birthday)

August 17th saw the celebration of Krishna’s birthday across Nepal – so yup, another festival already! For a little bit more detailed information I can recommend the following ‘Nepal Home Page’. The various quotes below are from there.

“On Krishna Janmastami numerous devotees flock to the ancient Krishna temple in old Patan Durbar Square…” so for this festival I took another stroll through Patan Durbar Square and take a look.

#1 Here is a shot from near the start of the lady’s queue which stretched almost the entire length of Patan Durbar Square. The girl in green on the left is a Nepal Girl Guide helping to manage the crowds. I must say however that all of the ladies looked beautiful in their finery and seemed perfectly content to shuffle along at an incredibly slow pace towards the end goal…;

IMGP1671 (2)

#2 Then realised that the queue turned the corner, ran the width of the square, turned a corner again and ran back along almost the full length of the square back to the Krishna Mandir (temple) at the far end… So at a couple of steps every few minutes – slow progress indeed;

IMGP1642 (2)

#3 Finally, the Krishna Mandir is in sight. This is where the men’s queue also comes into sight (both the start and finish, it being considerably shorter than the lady’s queue…) In addition to the Nepal Girl Guides and Scouts you can also see the smartly dressed Police in blue with burgundy berets helping marshal the queue to keep slowly shuffling onwards.

“Crowds of men and women edge their way slowly up narrow steps through the seated devotees to the temple’s dark interior to where the main idol stands. There they offer flowers, coins and food and wait for a glimpse of Krishna Janmastami festival at Krishna Mandir the idol.”;

IMGP1648 (2)

#4 “After the temple priest gives them ‘prasad’ they make their way down to join the multitude of devotees in the streets…” many people were lighting candles and incense around the exit side of the temple, saying their own personal prayers at the same time;

IMGP1669 (2)

#5 As a final piece of imagery; Krishna is often pictured in Hindu symbology with a crown of peacock’s feathers. Hence many street vendors were selling these beautiful, natural works of art;

IMGP1682 (2)



One comment

  1. Jan-Maria

    You certainly seem to be embracing the festivities Jessica. When are we going to see some photos f you in your lovely new costumes?

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