Journey and arrival – welcome to Kathmandu!

So the big day finally arrived and on July 28th I set off on the adventure to Kathmandu.

#1 Bags packed and off we go;

2014-07-28 13.36.32

#2 Headed to Heathrow airport on the tube, starting out through a new, futuristic tunnel to Kings Cross station;

2014-07-28 17.45.41

#3 Last taste of home, a wonderful packed lunch made by my Mum. Complete with pork pie; snack of champions;

2014-07-28 20.35.42

#4 Changed flights in Abu Dhabi. Flying in gave me another feeling of futuristic ‘space-age’ as it was clear to see the land itself, and the city upon it, being formed out the of the sea and sand. Roads and bridges prepared for future expansion, surrounded by an expanse of desert and ocean. Amazing.

abu dhabi (2)

#5 First view of the Kathmandu valley and surrounding hills. Lush and stunning in the monsoon season.

valley 1 (2)

#6 Close up of the suburbs of Kathmandu close to the international airport flight path;

kathmandu 1 (2)

#7 Landed into Kathmandu and muddled my way through the visa procedure. Persuaded them to let me stay, for 90 dates at least, hopefully long enough to sort out my work visa..

2014-07-30 12.40.42

#8 Last but not least, I was met by Sushila, a local member of the VSO team, who welcomed me to Nepal and presented me with an amazing necklace of fresh marigold flowers – welcome to Kathmandu! No filter required on this photo, just straight  forward stunning. Just a shame I can’t blog scents (I’ll work on that one…)

2014-07-30 11.27.03 (2)

Next up will be my impressions from the first few days in this new life of mine…



  1. Linda

    Great first fotos Jess!!! Glad you made it safely, looking forward to other posts!!

  2. kateinpapuanewguinea

    Glad you got there without issues- what an amazing welcome!

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