Official 7 day countdown commences; Best of British #T-7

It is still hard to really comprehend, but I just received confirmation of my one way flight ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal – wow! At exactly this time next week, I will be making my way to the gate at Heathrow, saying a temporary good bye to one world and unsure what to expect in the new one. In preparation, I’m running a 7 day photo-based countdown entitled; Best of British. Just to highlight a few of the things about home that I am making sure I get my fix of before I leave!

Best of British. T minus 7 days and counting…

#1,2 A day hiking through gently rolling countryside with my Dad;

English countryside2014-07-21 14.04.10

#3 Some friendly locals;

2014-07-21 13.35.21

#4 Amazing, expertly tailored Nepal travel kit from a great UK friend arrives in the post;

KT pack

#5 A great culinary masterpiece for tea from the local chippy;

2014-07-21 18.30.54

#6 Last but not least, writing my blog post in the tranquil summer evening sunshine of my parents’ English garden…;

2014-07-21 20.25.27


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