Business Development Adviser – what will I actually be doing?

This is a slight repeat from the new “About me” section above but I thought it would be worth clarifying at this early stage;

What am I actually going to be doing?

The master plan; spend the next two years in Kathmandu, Nepal working as a Business Development Adviser for Waste to Energy and Large Biogas for the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC).

With a severely underdeveloped electricity infrastructure, 87% of domestic energy in Nepal is produced by firewood. As forests are cleared, depleting the nutrients in the land, crop yields fall and women spend increasing hours searching for fuel. A variety of development partners including (but not limited to) DFID and the World Bank are therefore working together with the Nepal government and investing in a five year National Rural Renewable Energy Program (NRREP), one of the most important energy programs currently running in Nepal.

Programme Objective: “The development objective of the NRREP is to improve the living standard of rural women and men, increase employment of women and men as well as productivity, reduce dependency on traditional energy and attain sustainable development through integrating the alternative energy with the socioeconomic activities of women and men in rural communities.”

I will be focussing on supporting the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) to implement the Waste to Energy and Large Biogas programme across the country. I will only know more once I’m through my pre-departure training, in-country induction training and actually working with my new team at AEPC. I’ll keep you posted!

Update July 16th: Found this great related article if you’re interested in knowing more about the existing programme;



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